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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are Medicare FAQ's with straight forward answers, kindly click the questions and it will reveal the answers.

What is Medicare insurance?

Medicare Insurance is the United States' health insurance program for citizens over the age of 65 and others with specific health conditions. It covers many, but not all, of the costs of health care for these populations. In Medicare, there are Advantage Plans include drug coverage (Part D). These plans set a limit on what you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket each year for covered services, to help protect you from unexpected costs. There is also supplemental insurance, sometimes referred to as Medigap, or Medicare Supplement Insurance that helps fill "gaps" in Original Medicare and is sold by private companies.  Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are often a cost paid out-of-pocket by Medicare beneficiaries but well worth the cost for the additional coverage and potential out-of-pocket savings.


  • Private Health Insurance can provide additional coverage for some of your healthcare expenses
  • Doctor's visits, trips to the emergency room, and specialist treatments may be paid for by private insurance.
  • Hospital bills related to surgery, prescreening, or other vital treatments may also be covered depending on your specific plan.
  • Health insurance plans may also give you the choice to choose your Doctor, opposed to paying more if he or she is not included in the network supported by your Original Medicare or  health insurance carrier.
  • Allow you to choose the benefits that you are most likely to need and exclude those that you don't. 


Medicare will cover Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing under Part B when ordered by a physician. If a Medicare Beneficiary is quarantined in the hospital, you will NOT have to pay an additional deductible for the cost of the quarantine. Medicare Part B will fully cover a COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available, should you wish to get one.

 Which Medicare Insurance Plan is best for me?

We don't know until we talk to you about what is most important to you for your health needs.  Which plan is best for you may not be the same as the plan that is best for your neighbor or family members. It is always best to consider your current health needs, your anticipated health needs for next year, especially if you anticipate procedures, surgeries, or potential tests that will need to be performed.  You should always compare plans with multiple insurance carriers, not just one. By comparing multiple carriers, you can gauge which plan and insurance company is best for your needs right now and into next year. It may not be your same insurance company or plan you had last year, and that's OK. All that matters is that you have the best plan for you right now at the most affordable price.


Each Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Insurance plan may offer different coverages and benefits. Some plans offer full or partial coverage for some of your Medicare out-of-pocket costs. Plus, there are some really cool new benefits, like gyms and prescription home delivery! We can help you find the best plan for your needs and budget. You should compare plans with multiple insurance carriers, not just one. By comparing multiple carriers, you can gauge which plan and carrier is best for your needs right now. It may not be your same insurance company or plan from last year, and that's OK. All that matters is that you have the best plan for you right now at the most affordable price.


Original Medicare provides coverage with Part A and Part B. If you were a Medicare recipient before January 1, 2021, then you may already have a Plan F coverage. If you do not have Plan F today, then after January 1, 2021, you may want to consider a Plan C and Plan G. And don't forget to check your prescription coverage. If you want to make sure that you are covered for the drugs that you may take on a daily basis and any drugs you may need in the event of a medical event. Prescription Drug coverage is called Medicare Part D and is often found in Medicare Advantage Plans.

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