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Free Medicare Enrollment Checklists and Guides

Imagine if CliffsNotes and MadLibs had little PDF babies that made Medicare enrollment easier.

We've tried to make this process a bit more manageable with checklists, cheat sheets, and guides that will help you get through where you are stuck. Also, check out the relevant training on each area to help you be an educated & empowered consumer. These Medicare Enrollment Checklists are free and no email is required to download them. Yah!

Medicare Checklists and Medicare Guides Available

Medicare Checklist, Guides, and Cheatsheets

Medicare 2021 Benefits Comparison Chart

See the latest 2021 Benefits that are covered by the various Medicare Plans that are available.

Medicare 2021 Cost Changes Summary

Prepare for the Medicare Cost Changes coming in 2021. This handy two-page guide summarizes the essential Medicare Cost Changes coming in 2021.

Top Medicare Plan Providers Comparison Chart

Here are the top 10 Medicare Plan Providers with a list of the types of plans they offer for 2021 Medicare coverage.

Find the Right Medicare Plan Checklist

This easy 2-page checklist will help you determine what's most important before you shop to compare Medicare 2021 Plans.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Checklist

No matter how many years you have had Medicare, Medicare programs change with additional benefits, cost changes, and limitations every year. To make your Medicare enrollment 2021 process easy, check out this checklist

Medicare Initial Enrollment Period Checklist

If you're NEW to Medicare, use this checklist to help you get ready for your Initial Enrollment Period.

Medicare Part B Screening Costs

Medicare Part B Preventive Screening Costs for 2021

Medicare is providing better preventive care options. Understand what the screening costs are for 2021 ahead of time to prepare for your upcoming screenings.

Medicare vs Advantage vs Supplement Comparison Chart

Confused about which Medicare plans cover what? Don't fret. Check out our handy comparison chart to see what Medicare Original vs. Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement covers so you can find the right plan for you!

Medicare Plan F vs Plan G vs Plan N Comparison Chart

See the latest 2021 Benefits covered by the Medicare Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N that are available.

The Parts of Medicare Chart

Here are the basic parts of Medicare. This chart can be your guide in choosing the right plan for you.   

US-Based Licensed Agents are available to create your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan comparison, so you can make an informed decision about the best Medigap 2021 Plan for You!