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I'm Re-Enrolling in Medicare

How should I Prepare?
No matter how many years you have had Medicare, it doesn't seem to get any less frustration. Every year Medicare programs change with additional benefits, cost changes, and limitations even when you're already in Medicare.

Guides & Checklists

To make your Medicare enrollment 2021 process easy even you're already in Medicare, check out the Find the Right Medicare Plan Checklist and the Annual Enrollment Period Checklist.

Medicare 2021 Changes Workshops

There are some super exciting changes coming to Medicare recipients in 2021. The benefits and plan changes are meant to help you get better care. We have summarized the 2021 Medicare changes in the workshops in this series, check these workshops to know what's new even you're already in Medicare.

Comparing Plans & Providers

Only 13% of Americans shop for new Medicare plans every year. You know why the other 87% don't shop for a new plan? Because the open enrollment process can be maddening. Buying a Medicare plan shouldn't be hard but it can be even when you're already in Medicare. It is important to be clear on what is important in you before comparing plans and providers.

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Medicare Checklists & Guides

We've tried to make this process a bit more manageable with checklists, cheat sheets, and guides that will help you get through where you are stuck.
Understand what is most important, and start there first. You got this!

Free Medicare 2021 Workshops

Let us help you understand your options to have the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve got the best Medicare Insurance Plan available to meet your individual healthcare needs. And realize you got coverage at the lowest price possible.