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Check out a couple of tips to prepare for the live training.

Here are a couple of things you may want to have handy.
You don't need to have them but it's good to start keeping en eye out for this stuff.

Your Favorites

Who are your must have favorites?  Think of your favorite pharmacies, doctors, or hospitals that you would love to have covered under your new plan?

Major Health Conditions

If you have ever suffered a major medical event, you know how important insurance coverage can be. Please keep in mind anything that may be a pre-existing condition, a lifelong diagnosis (like Diabetes), or any life-saving medication that you know you must have to ensure your health and vitality.


Many of us take more pills than we want. And some of us need just one a day to keep the doctor away. Whatever your situation may be, please try to remember the most common meds you use or have used in the past. Prescription coverage is super important when you depend on it daily.

Wish List

Are there any benefits or coverage you wished you had in the past? Insurance is starting to slowly shift with a focus on preventative care. Some plans cover benefits like chiropractic or massage. Is there any perk that you would just love to have?  Ask about it, you never know, it may be available.

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